Who We Are

Gospel Outreach was founded in 1978 by four businessmen in Johannesburg city centre. These business men, compelled by the love of Christ, had the heart to reach the business men of South Africa for Christ. As the dynamics of the city changed, the Lord’s sovereign plan for Gospel Outreach began to take form. Today, Gospel Outreach works to plant churches, training pastors and leaders, while ministering to all those the Lord puts on our path. At the heart of our ministry stands three inseparable pillars: the glory of the Lord, the revival of His Church, and the evangelism of His world. In light of this, Gospel Outreach seeks to prepare God’s people to reach His world with His message and to teach them how to live holy, God honouring lives. We welcome you to join us in being the hands and feet of Jesus to a lost and dying world!

Our Vision

Our vision is simply to see Jesus glorified in the lives of people. To this end, we point them to Calvary, Jesus’ resurrection, ascension, and life in glory, as well as His imminent return. Our aim is not only to see people saved, but sanctified and trained in the Word, ready to serve the Lord by winning others. We know that this will only become reality as God pours out His Holy Spirit. Therefore, we have been seeking His face for just that, namely Revival in the true biblical sense. Only thus, under the manifest power of the Holy Spirit will be able to achieve God’s purposes for the people we serve. Our vision is that Revival spreads through our country and beyond its borders. 

What We Believe

In the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, uncreated, eternal, almighty, perfect in every way and Creator and Sustainer of all of creation.

We believe in God the Father who has all things in His power and has delivered all these into the hands of His Son, Jesus Christ who is fully divine and also fully man, the only Mediator between God and man.

We believe in the Holy Spirit as a Person who is the divine Executive of the Godhead in the present dispensation.

In the verbal inspiration and infallibility of God’s Word as revealed in the 66 Books of Holy Scripture. We accept this Word of God as the only rule of faith and practice.

That man is born in sin and destined for eternal damnation unless born again through the merit of Jesus Christ and by the operation of the Holy Spirit.

That Jesus Christ’s death on the cross is the full and only Sacrifice needed for our salvation. Nothing can be added and nothing taken away.

As to salvation we believe this is purely by the Grace of God through faith alone in the completed work of Jesus Christ and in His Name

That without holiness no man shall see God. Jesus is our sanctification and this must be evidenced in our lives by the operation of the Holy Spirit.

In the necessity of the perseverance of saints and that it is therefore possible for saints to make shipwreck of their faith.

We hold a firmly Pro-life point of view and believe in the sanctity of life from conception to death. 

In the imminent, pre-tribulation and pre-millennial return of our Lord Jesus Christ for His Church in the Rapture and His subsequent return after the Tribulation with His saints for the Jewish nation. We believe there shall follow a 1000 year millennial reign before the advent of the Great White Throne and thus the final judgment

In a literal heaven for those who are born again and persevering in their faith and a literal hell for all unbelievers.

As to Revival, we believe this is the urgent need for the Church today so that it can effectively carry out its Great Commission and be a Bride prepared for the imminent return of her Bridegroom. We believe Revival is to be the normal life of the Church and while the Church is not revived, it is walking in disobedience.