Weekly Bible Study

Each week Gospel Outreach puts out a bible study written by our Senior Pastor, Eddie Vosloo. These studies are in-depth and interactive and cover a variety of topics throughout the year. They provide a section of scripture to read, explanations and questions to work through for each day of the week. They are an incredible tool to help you learn and really understand the Word. If you’d like to receive them directly to your inbox, email us at or contact us through Facebook (Gospel Outreach) or instagram (@gospeloutreachsa) and we will get you added to the mailing list

Gospel of John, Gospel of Luke, and 1 John Courses

We have correspondence courses available to help you further study the Gospels of John or Luke and the book of 1 John. These lessons guide you through the book and provide thought provoking questions and study material. They are to be completed and returned and are then marked and returned to you along with the next lesson. You receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course.

Other Materials

The Gospel Outreach Directors and Staff have produced numerous other booklets and materials intended to help you grow spiritually. There are courses beginning with your new life in Christ as a new believer, discipleship booklets, and our Director has also written a book on ancestral worship. At Gospel Outreach we are passionate about supporting believers and ministers as they learn and grow and work in the Kingdom of the Lord. Our staff are also available for counselling on spiritual matters including Salvation, bondage and abortion, among other things.